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D-DAY Manor Tours

Stay with us and be guided through those eventful hours of June the 6th 1944.  


D-DAY Manor Tours

Come and stay as our guests at our magnificent 16th Century towered Norman Manor.

Located in the center of the US D-Day airborne drop zones, you will walk with us the battlefields

and beaches of Normandy – and in the footsteps of heroes.


“No words can adequately express our sincere appreciation of the kindness and generosity that you both gave all of us on this amazing journey in Normandy. It was truly a flawless adventure.”  

Hannah and I hold the utmost admiration for the young men who liberated Europe.

These young men were born in the 1920’s, into an era of false prosperity, much of their youth was spent in the bitter reality of the depression, and I am sure none of those young men wanted to go to war.

They were not politically indoctrinated as were their German opponents and no doubt they would have preferred to have been throwing cricket balls (or base balls) rather than hand grenades.


They were our citizen soldiers and when freedom had to be fought for or abandoned – they fought.

They were the soldiers of our joint democracies – and they were the heroes of D-day.


Many of them on that historic day made the ultimate sacrifice and it is to them that we owe the freedoms we enjoy today and to their memory that we humbly dedicate these tours.



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D-DAY Manor Tours

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